Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Orange and Green/Black to be released by Dwyer Records

Big news for me. Looks like Dwyer Records will be helping me put out my double-cassette release. Dwyer Records is a local (to Ottawa) label run by the men of Alaskan. They specialize in cassette releases. This is gonna be very cool. Check out their webstore, check out Alaskan and read their version of tStaT right here:

In the meantime, I am currently in tape-dubbing hell. Slow work. Boring too. I'm really not one to complain.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sun Through a Telescope discussed and dissected on Songs From the Etc File

My longtime buddy Brendan was nice enough to feature The Sun Through a Telescope not once but twice on his excellent music blog earlier this year. Check out the posts and be sure and check out the rest of the site while you're at it.

The Sun Through a Telescope - Orange and Green/Black

I realize now that my attempts at getting my 2 EPs released by a proper record label were laughable at best. I mean, seriously, who is going to take a chance on bank-rolling some no-name metal project that stands to return exactly zero profits? Nobody, that's who. Least of all in the year 2010.

Still, I had to try and I'm glad I did. Sometimes it's better to do something stupid than to do nothing at all in the interest of being smart and practical. 

For the better part of this year, I'd been sitting on the tStaT stuff, basically pretending that it didn't exist. I didn't know what to do with it and anytime I started to make a plan, it seemed too big and too expensive and too time-consuming. This mental-block ended with a kind of "fuck it" epiphany I had whilst reading Exclaim's feature on Justin Broadrick. He talked about starting his own cassette label for his Final project back in the early 80s. That's basically what I intend to do with this stuff. I've always loved cassettes and, despite the fact that they are just about the most disposable medium out there, there's just something so cool and special about them, especially when they are homemade. Much moreso than some piece-of-shit looking CDR. 

So, for the indefinite future, The Sun Through a Telescope will be my own cassette-release project. I'll probably ask some local record store proprietors if they'll sell them, sell them at shows, and a mail order option as well. Maybe do a digital download option too. 

The bottom line is that I felt completely at a standstill with this project because the whole " what?" factor hinged on me getting someone else to release it and was therefore totally out of my control. Now that I've made this decision, the control is back in my hands. The idea behind having the tStaT stuff come out on a proper label was that I really wanted to do something that was "on the map". Obviously, by going down the self-released cassette road, I am ensuring that it will never end up on any kind of map at all. The upside is that the output of music and releases won't be hindered by anything other than my own laziness.

The Sun Through a Telescope - Orange EP
The Sun Through a Telescope - Green/Black EP

Both available soon...

                                                 This is me working hard.....not smart.