ORANGE                                                                               GREEN/BLACK

1 - They Used to Worship the Svn                                 1 - Inside Living Breathing Hell

2 - Glowing Hallowe'en Eyes                                           2 - The Priest With One Black Hand

3 - I Am the Doorway                                                        3 - Green Sleep
                         Part I - Ark'Bala
                         Part II - Solar Propeller                          4 - Going Home

4 - Trees That Speak

5 - Autumn Tunnel

Lee Neutron - Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Programming, Samples

Buddha Machine - Ambience

aVa - Additional Vocals

Recorded and Edited throughout the Summer & Fall of 2007 at G-West Studios

Live Drums, Guitars and Additional Vocals recorded by Philip Shaw Bova

Mixed in the Spring of 2009 by Philip Shaw Bova at Bovasound Studios

Mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks

Cover Layouts & Design by Elena Chiara Palanza

Insert Layouts & Design by Lee Neutron

Released by Dwyer Records 02/05/11

Cassettes available at Dwyer Records Webstore

MP3s available at Bandcamp Page