Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I'm tired. I'm always tired. Here's 2 things:

A really cool TSTAT / I DIE SMILING writeup was posted today on a metal blog that goes by the name NO CLEAN SINGING. An extremely favourable review. Very, very nice. Nice guys.


The article is not only about the new album but the new video as well! The one I had no idea was even being made until it was presented to me in its completed state by Mr. Dave Hall. It's for YOU CAN'T KILL ME and it is amazing.

The new JESU is a good one. I wouldn't rank it among my favourite JESU releases but I'm still enjoying it immensely. SOMA, the newest album by a band called WINDHAND, is blowing me right away. I also discovered something called BALTIC FLEET which is kind of a cold, updated take on instrumental/krautrock type stuff. The new NIN is shockingly solid. Didn't see that coming. Checked out the new SUBROSA once but I need more listens for that one. It's pretty dense. Listening to CARCASS's latest as I type this. It's quite good. They seem to have opted for the NECROTICISM side of things with a little HEARTWORK thrown in. My absolute favourite new thing of late though is this band who are local to me (not for long though, they are relocating to Toronto). SHAHMAN is their name and their latest album is SOUNDS THAT LOOK LIKE US. Amazing stuff. Music is so dumb.