Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guess what? Yes, more reviews.

I really only ever write an update when a few more reviews roll in. It's all this "band" really has going for itself, at this point. Which is fine by me!!! Anytime I even start to consider the possibility of playing live shows with this stuff, I get stressed. Maybe later, definitely not now. Anyways, check these out...

JOSÉ'S BAND OF THE WEEK - Now THIS is a HUGE get for me. This particular column is affiliated with the cyber-version of none other than TERRORIZER magazine. That's pretty sweet. Mr. José Carlos Santos himself was nice enough to give my music the time of day in the following article. He has ascertained that I am "disturbed". Fair enough. You know who isn't disturbed? Any given member of the band Disturbed. CLICK HERE!

The remaining 2 reviews both come from grind-based music blogs, were both written by writers who were a little hesitant at first because my stuff isn't very grindy, and both came out the very same day. The possibility of a Polka-Roo/the male host of the Polka Dot Door type situation just became very real.

GRIND TO DEATH - Great blog by a great British bloke. I follow him on Twitter now. I really appreciate that he stepped outside of his comfort zone and gave my stuff a shot. Very cool. Good article. CLICK HERE!

GRIND AND PUNISHMENT - The grindcore community feels it is my time to be heard. They have spoken. Actually, this article contains the very first instances of some constructive criticism for yours truly. Which is just all right by me. Pobody's Nerfect. CLICK HERE!