Friday, November 1, 2013


Ok, two things. I had been, from the beginning of Doomtober up until Wednesday of this past week, embroiled in the exciting world of JURY DUTY. Added to that, I had to do a factory reset on my ipod. So, long story short - court by day and ripping 700+ CDs by night (cuz I don't back anything up [cuz I'm r-tarded]). So yeah, I'm just coming back onto the grid and I've got a few things to report.



Order them directly from me via my BANDCAMP page and I will personally ship them out. I believe Dave Hall will also be providing on order link through his HANDSHAKE INC or his MUTANTS OF THE MONSTER page.

A couple of reviews/writeups have come through for I DIE SMILING. The first comes from an old friend of mine JT who was kind enough to include my album amongst his September edition of RIPPERS OF THE MONTH. CLICK HERE

Another is a short and sweet posting via GOOD MORNING METAL who have always been very supportive in the past. CLICK HERE

And finally, there's this posting on on NEW PROG RELEASES. I just stumbled upon it by accident. Not sure who did it or why but it's generating some traffic to the BANDCAMP page so what the hell. CLICK HERE.

2 bands I want to big up now. The first is BIIPIIGWAN. Sort of from Ottawa but not really. Let's just say Ontario. Anyways, the brand new album from them is called SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE; NOTHING FOR ANYONE and it is a crusher. They are a little bit hardcore, a little bit doom, a little bit AmRep style noise rock and just a tiny touch of grind. You can grab the album off their BANDCAMP for any price you wish (but at least float em a 5 or a 10, ya cheap bastard). CLICK HERE.

The 2nd band I've been enjoying a lot lately is Ottawa's own THOSE GULLS. I've been friendly with these folks for a few years now. I've always enjoyed their music but, I have to say, with the addition of some new members to help flesh out the vocals and guitars - they've REALLY come into their musical own this past year! They have 3 singles available on their BANDCAMP page that you can grab. Perfect if you enjoy a combination indie rock/dreampop approach to things. CLICK HERE.

Lastly, here's a link to full video of a set MERDARAHTA did over the summer during the OTTAWA EXPLOSION festival. TOPON from FUCK THE FACTS on bass, SEB from MAKAYA on guitars and myself on drums.