Saturday, December 12, 2015


More silence from me to round out the year of our goatlord 2015. This was a particularly lame year for me. Steamrolled by a depression the likes of which I'd never experienced before. Not fun. Anyone who has to deal with these issues, my heart goes out to you. "This too shall pass" is something to keep in mind during the shittier times. And I don't mean that with any of the religious connotations tacked onto it, however it does go to show that a good idea is a good idea no matter what the source may be.

So ANYWAYS, despite all that crap, one thing that was not effected too badly was my productivity. I have, just recently, released a new single called LIVE AT POMPEII. This title will obviously be familiar (ie: ripped-off) to some, namely taken from the incredibly awesome PINK FLOYD live/not-live concert video of the same name. The reasoning behind that basically started with coming across an awesome plugin that emulated the types of FARFISAs featured very prominently on music from the mid to late 60s, particularly the pre-DARK SIDE OF THE MOON PINK FLOYD stuff. That got me thinking about coming up with a few tunes that would be very much in the spirit of the LIVE AT POMPEII film, put through my own TSTAT-filter, of course. What you have are 3 songs that borrow (steal) heavily from several different PF songs. It's basically something to fill the gap until whenever I can get into the studio and get my next full-length finished. Hopefully, it'll be ready for release early next year but who knows! I've been sitting on completed demos since the summer! Nevertheless, here is LIVE AT POMPEII for your enjoyment, please download for free and check it on out.

Having fun with my fairly new radio show THEN & NOW. I recently created a Soundcloud page to archive the episodes which means people can enjoy it whenever they feel like it. Check out them archives HERE!

Finally, an interview I did about 2 years ago that just recently got posted. So pretend it's 2013 and enjoy! HERE!