Friday, April 15, 2011

More Reviews! TSTAT is getting so MAJOR!

THAT'S HOW KIDS DIE - I really love this blog in particular. From the perspective of one man (Josh), there are many great insights into the current state of metal to be found within. Plus, he can be really mean and sarcastic which is always awesome (if you're funny, which he also is). This particular article outlines the steam-roller effect a website as awesome as Bandcamp can have over the laughably mismanaged sitting duck that is Myspace. He was nice enough to include a link to my bandcamp page in said article (along with several other bands worth checking out). Thanks Josh! CLICK HERE!

HEAVY PLANET - I'm pretty sure this blog is somehow affiliated with THE SODA SHOP which is a pretty major stoner/doom blog. In a regular feature titled "New Band to Burn One To" (sure), this writer asks the question "Is this new-age music for metalheads?". Could be, could be. CLICK HERE!

RESONANCITY - A Toronto-based music blog. I love the comparisons to the frostbitten Norwegian musical climate (though, for the record, my shit is more of an "autumn" vibe). This is also probably the one and only time you'll ever see the word "political" in connection to any music I'm responsible for. Or maybe not! It's out of my hands now. CLICK HERE!