Monday, September 21, 2015


To say I've been quiet this year would be putting it mildly. Quiet does not equal inactive though, no-sir-ee. I've basically spent the past 9 months putting together the 17 songs that will make up my next release. Pre-prod demos are all done, vocals are done, lyrics are done, all the songs are in the correct running order and even fade in and out when they're supposed to. Next is drum tracking and guitar re-amping. But yeah, didn't have much to report during the entirety of that creatively fruitful time period. "Hey guys! Just put another song to bed! I'm cruising now!" "Sup! Just wrote some more lyrics! Wow, I sure do hate doing that! Peace!" No thanks. Nevertheless, the album is shaping up to be pretty cool and I'm hoping for an early 2016 release.

In the meantime, please check out a few other things of mine. First off, a new band I started called HAMN, in which I play the guitar and sing. It's not metal but it's pretty heavy. Check out a demo here. We're gunning for an EP to be completed and released before the year is out. We're also opening for KEN mode in less than a month's time. Pretty cool! Here's the DEMO!

Also, I've very recently started producing a radio show for CHUO 89.1FM (the Ottawa University station) called THEN AND NOW. It's much more of a podcast than it is a radio show, in that I produce it at home rather than broadcast myself live from the station's studio. It's on every Wednesday at 3pm but the archives can be streamed via the station's website (another podcast similarity) which is how I imagine most people would prefer to check it out. So yeah, check out them archives HERE!

Finally, this video of a MERDARAHTA Quebec City gig from last November was recently uploaded. It sees us running through what I believe to be quite a decent version of our AS THE DARK CLOUDS SWEPT AWAY WE COULD SEE THE SUNSET piece of music. Please enjoy in particular at about the 11 minute mark where a gentleman has beer poured all over his head of hair. This was the first of many beers this poor soul was to be drenched with throughout the remainder of the evening in question. It was both delightful and horrifying for us to witness. Quebec City is weird.