Saturday, January 11, 2014


Two more nominations for I DIE SMILING to be considered amongst the very BEST albums to come out last year have come trickling in!

The first comes from none other than my good friend Karol aka GARBAGEFACE (who I included in the list I posted a few weeks ago on this very site). Most of my very favourite albums of last year were put out by friends of mine actually. Nevertheless, Karl's list is very well written in that it provokes thought. Case in point, it reminded me that I hadn't checked out the BEYONCÉ album that came out all devil-may-care and shit. I like exactly HALF of it (which, for an album like that, is a grand slam). Nice one! CLICK HERE!

The 2nd mention comes via NO CLEAN SINGING guest writer ALAIN MOWER. I can only assume (but cannot confirm) that Alain wrote the extremely flattering review of my album a few months earlier when it was released. The man follows up with some short but very sweet additional praise onto my hunk of junk of an album within a collection of releases that are diverse to say the least. His opening paragraph tells me that he and I could possibly have a merry old time complaining about the worthlessness of 90% of the music that exists within the heavy metal idiom. Here's the list. CLICK HERE!