Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 SO FAR....

First day of spring yesterday, although still no signs of winter fucking off for good. That's usually the way it goes until about the middle of April or so. That's why Summer is the best season - it's the only one that's good ALL the way through. Lots of people bitched like crazy about this past Canadian winter, like it was drastically different from any other. It was cold, fucking cold. Cold for weeks on end. Business as usual, in other words. Several layers of clothing and the stoicism of a sea captain are the best solution.

My hype-infused lead-up to the MERDARAHTA full-length release was quite well done. Unfortunately, I ran out of blogging gas once the album actually hit. So no posts about that during the relevant time period! Oh well, maybe it's time to breathe a second life into the thing?! Yeah, that's what's happening here. So please, do check out AS THE DARK CLOUDS SWEPT AWAY WE COULD SEE THE SUNSET. You can get yourself a CD/Digital Download for a cool 5 bucks or just a DD for a DOLLAR. Seriously, if you can't pitch in a dollar for a download, you are kind of a complete dick. We also have a sweet T-shirt/CD/Download bundle available for 15 bucks. Something for the kings, queens and all aristocrats various and sundry to enjoy. No other MERDARAHTA activity to speak of as of late due to FUCK THE FACTS switching into total GO mode these days (which is awesome). Hopefully there will be some live MERDARAHTA opportunities later this year.

These past few months have seen me in quite a productive state, churning out pre-prod demos for my next release. It will be a full-length album but I'm maybe toying with the idea of fleshing it out into 2 EPs and a single, depending on how lengthy it all turns out. Details to be locked down at a later date. For now, it's all about these pesky songs. 13 of the 17 are finished, musically at least. Not a lot of vocals yet and zero lyrics (lyrics..........urrrrrrrrrrgggghhh!!!!). Fortunately, I haven't any ridiculous undertakings (ie: recording one cover song a month) to distract me from my goal so the songs have been coming together pretty quickly (I only had one finished at the start of January). Lots of shorter songs, lots of general weirdness. Anyone who found my last full-length to be a bit of a pain in the ass will definitely hate this shit.

Oh, back to MERDARAHTA. Here's a video from our CD-release show that we played in January. It features me playing this song way too fast. Enjoy.