Friday, June 17, 2011

THE SUN THROUGH A TELESCOPE featured on GRINDING AFTERMATH - a free downloadable compilation -

So. Over at AMERICAN AFTERMATH, you got Ross. Then there's GRIND TO DEATH, where you got Alex (I picture them both renting out office space where they run their respective blogs. I'm sure this is the case).

These 2 dudes share at least one thing in common (at least one thing that I can confirm). They were both cool enough to throw a promotional bone my way. A fact for which I am eternally grateful. Seriously, all the bloggers and reviewers who have been kind enough to do up a review, share their thoughts, provide download links - it's amazing. It's making a world of difference as far as TSTAT listenership goes.

Anyways. These guys have pooled their resources and put together a FREE grindcore compilation of EPIC proportions. Seriously, the tracklist on this thing is like a who's who of the grindcore A-list (as far as I'm concernced, at least). Brutal Truth, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Fuck the Facts, Weekend Nachos, Rotten Sound, Kill the Client.....the list goes on. 69 tracks in all! THE PRIEST WITH ONE BLACK HAND, the one song of mine (so far) that is a grindcore qualifier, is also featured. Can't thank these guys enough for including me. They had nothing to gain and everything to lose by associating my stinky rottenness with their sweet hyperblasts. Merci.

Here is the link to follow in order to download the comp: CLICK HERE!