Side I

1) You Can't Kill Me

2) Everyday Is Like Black Hole Svnday

3) Mr. Yawning Infinity Chasm/Superinfinity

4) I Die Smiling

Side II

1) Werewolf Weather

               Part I - Glowing Overcast/Unseasonably Gloomed

               Part II - Those Animals Killed You

               Part III - Sent Back Dead From Pepsi

               Part IV - They're Evil Animals

2) It, Still

3) The Bitten

I Die Smiling

Lee Neutron: Frozen Tidal Guitar, Rusted Anchor Bass Virus, Fuck Drums, Drowns,

Stupid Synth Ghosts, Samples (thanks, jerks), Burning Slutwitch Vocals

Additional Vocals by Elena & Ava

Impossible without the Buddha Machines

Written, Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Lee @ G-West Studios, Ottawa ON 2007 -


Live Drums and Re-Amped Guitars recorded by Topon Das @ Apartment 2 Studios,

Gloucester ON Fall 2012

Mastered by James Plotkin @ Plotkinworks, Philadelphia PA Jan 2013

Artwork by ElenaChiara

Logo designed by Lee

Thanks: Patrizia & Ava, Topon Das, Dave Hall, Alaskan/Dwyer Records, Blake Jacobs,

Elena Palanza, MikeH, Karol Orzechowski, Spettro Records, That's How Kids Die,

Jay Randall, James Plotkin, Christiaan Virant

Also to anyone who posted a review, posted a link, did a writeup, spread the word,

took the time, made the effort - you have my gratitude

All songs copyright 2013 Neutron Songs



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