1) Never Pray

2) Living Every Single Hell

3) Worm(hole)s

4) The Inverted Cross of a Sunday Funday

5) "More Light"

6) Every Single Living Hell


7) Dead Dies, New Born

8) Something Witchy

9) No Way Home


10) Black Hole Bile

11) Oh No, This Is Mine

12) A Prolonged Vegetative State

13) Burn Everything

14) No More Light

15) Caught, Drugged, Trial, Exile

16) Dead Tomorrow

17) Whitehole / Brighthell

Black Hole Smile

All songs written, recorded and mixed by The Sun Through a Telescope

Additional vocals by Ava

Live drums and re-amped guitars recorded by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Studios, Spring 2016

Everything else recorded at G-West Studios Summer 2014 - Summer 2016

Mastered by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Studios

Artwork by TSTAT

All songs copyright 2016 Neutron Songs

Thanks: Patrizia, Ava, Buddha Machines, everyone I play music with

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