Saturday, November 12, 2011


Through a weird and convoluted set of circumstances, I was put in contact with SPETTRO RECORDS. They are an Italian record label that focus strictly on free digital releases. Basically, they host a lot of cool releases that one can grab for zero dollars, if one is so inclined. Not at all unlike what Jay Randall is currently kicking ass with his GRINDCORE KARAOKE venture. Anyways, my 3 existing releases are all available on SPETTRO RECORDS for free download. I'm hoping this will result in a substantial Italian fanbase cuz I fucking love that place. CLICK HERE

Oh, and this ad is featured in the newest issue of DECIBEL magazine (the one with Dave Mustaine snarling on the cover). Big-ups to Dave Hall and his HANDSHAKE INC. for making that happen. I'm huge.

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