Thursday, March 1, 2012


2 big deals to discuss here.

First off, the second installment of MERDARAHTA is now available. That word roughly translates to a FUCK THE FACTS side project/recording collective type thing. Very much in the same spirit as SUNN O))) in that the core line-up are the various members of FTF with the bed tracks being farmed out to a lucky few guest musicians (myself being counted amongst the lucky). Both releases are available their bandcamp page and are well worth a listen/download. My suggestion? Download it. Wait til nighttime. Then put the kettle on, brew up your favourite tea, press play on the MERDARAHTA and have it be the soundtrack to reading of a massive entry on Wikipedia. The various botched attempts at the making of the film DUNE or maybe the various MASS-EXTINCTION EVENTS that have occurred throughout the history of this dumb planet. CLICK HERE FOR THE MERDARAHTA BANDCAMP!

Secondly, a very in-depth and insightful writeup for SUMMER DARKYARD by Marilena Moroni who writes for the excellent metal-blog DOOM MANTIA. Marilena has been very supportive of my TSTAT stuff in the past and continues to do so with this article. The day this was posted, my bandcamp stats took a HUGE spike, so there you go. Awesome. CHECK IT OUT HERE

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