Sunday, September 9, 2012


Oh hi. No updates since the spring? Oopsies. I've been busy doin' nothin. But I've got songs written. 7 for the next release which shall be my first proper full-length. Tracking starts on the 1st of October at Apartment 2 Studios with Topon Das, my heavy metal colleague and favourite guy to complain about shitty metal bands with. In the meantime, I have to learn the drums for these annoying songs and possibly even teach myself how to properly blast a beat. That's proper as in Scum-era Mick Harris ND style. Not the way you youngsters go about it with all your "tricks". So yeah, updates to come (unless I get really lazy and don't bother posting updates). Follow me on Twitter @SUNTelescope. I'll post pics from the studio there maybe. In the meantime, have sex with each other.

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