Saturday, January 3, 2015


I'm pretty excited about the new MERDARAHTA album "AS THE DARK CLOUDS SWEPT AWAY WE COULD SEE THE SUNSET" that will see it's way to availability this January 20. My bandmates have been releasing lots of tasty previews to get everyone good and pumped (with the help of several blogs dedicated to the hype of heavy metal music).

One such music blog, SLUDGELORD, has been good enough to host one of the tracks, "WOUNDED" on their Soundcloud page. CLICK HERE!

We've also got another track "THE DARK CLOUDS" available for streaming directly from our Bandcamp page. CLICK HERE

We've also got some videos from the recording sessions up on Youtube:

Pay no mind to the fatass on drums.

Finally, we'll be formally releasing the album at an upcoming show on January 22 at the most amazing Ottawa venue HOUSE OF TARG. Come on out if you happen to live in the area.

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