Monday, February 21, 2011

2 new reviews of ORANGE & GREEN/BLACK

It's funny. Around Christmas time, I sent out about 30 odd requests for reviews to different music blogs in hopes that maybe a couple of them would throw Street Meat (another one of my bands) a bone. Not surprisingly, the indifference was overwhelming. Not one response, not even a polite "fuck off". Makes sense to me. I probably wouldn't bother either. But then I don't purport to give the impression that I'm in the habit of giving a shit about other people and their various endeavors.

Last night, I sent about 13 similar requests to various metal blogs begging for the same sort of exposure for The Sun Through a Telescope. Not 12 hours later, 5 responses received and 2 REVIEWS already posted!!!! Incredible. Just goes to show that metal dudes are infinitely cooler than pretentious indie-rock dorks. That's completely fair, right? Anyways, check out these reviews. They are fantastic and totally appreciated.

This is Book's Music: CLICK HERE!

American Aftermath: CLICK HERE!

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