Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2 more reviews of ORANGE & GREEN/BLACK

Blog power is rearing its noble head once again. And with it, brings.....reviews! Of my stuff. Reviews.....FAVOURABLE! Fantastic. Can't thank these guys enough for helping to spread the word on my own personal Drone/Doom schizophrenia. I can literally see the results of it on Bandcamp, LastFM....anyways. The reviews!

DISORDERLY CONDUCT (a metal blog based in Norway - home of Black Metal and burning churches) CLICK! (scroll down the page about a quarter of the way for the review)

NOIZINE (a metal/hardcore/experimental blog from Greece - home of food that I fucking love to eat)

1 comment:

  1. PLEASE. Whatever you're doing...keep doing it. If you make a lot of money, please dont let it affect the quality of your music. Both of those ep's are brilliant. To be able to fuse several genres together is difficult enough, but you seem to do it seamlessly. I am rabidly looking forward to whats next..