Monday, March 21, 2011

Another batch of reviews/write-ups from the Heavy Metal Bloggers out there

HEAVY BOOTS MUSIC - Nice lil writeup. They recently relocated to Tumblr. CLICK!

GOOD MORNING METAL - I like metal in the morning too. Slayer, mostly. CLICK!

DOOMMANTIA - REALLY in-depth review! This writer pointed things out that even I had not noticed before. Very cool. CLICK!

THE HEAVIEST MATTER OF THE UNIVERSE - Named after a song by Gojira (who I kind of like, sort of sometimes...) CLICK!

It's really cool and weird to read what complete strangers think of this stuff. I'm so used to virtually every note of music I come up with staying mainly within the vicinity of my own personal headspace. It's been literally 20 years that I've been playing music and it's just as weird now as it would have been the day I first picked up a pair of drumsticks: someone other than myself having an actual opinion of something I came up with.


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