Sunday, December 8, 2013


It's winter now and I'm in Canada. Cold but not even that cold yet. The real shitcold is still to come. Nothing to do but GRIM and BEAR IT. It's kind of pretty, at least. I look out my window at night and understand everything there is to know about TRVE KVLT BLACK METAL. Then I go out the next day and step in a puddle of brown, freezing slush. All those dark, romantic musings can take a dive right down the toilet bowl. Get obsessed by that, nerds!

Here's a great review that was posted on the UK-based (I think??) music blog ECHOES AND DUST. They do a nice roundup of all the tracks. Very cool. CLICK IT!

Looks like I came in at number 3 on the CKCU FM (Carleton University Community Radio) CHARTS last week! Thanks are in order to the following programs who were incredibly helpful in throwing me a bone and playing a track or two off of I DIE SMILING: THE NIGHT WATCH, CROSSING BOREDOM, and e.V.'s UNDERGROUND. I've loved this radio station since high school so I'm always secretly giddy whenever I manage to worm my way onto it's airwaves.

This OVERKILL article that was posted on INVISIBLE ORANGES a few weeks ago is awesome. Their discography may be spotty as all hell but the fact is THE YEARS OF DECAY is possibly the finest thrash album there is next to REIGN IN BLOOD. Here's the article. CLICK IT!

2013 is almost done. I'll post my favourite albums of the year pretty soon. Lots of good stuff. 2014 should be fun. I have an EP mostly written and ready to go. Recorded my drumkit using my cell phone. I'll be remembered for all this someday probably.

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