Sunday, December 22, 2013


Did I say it was cold before? That was a balmy paradise compared to the week or however long that followed. Fucking Old Man Winter. Bring it on, asshole. I'm what you'd call a warrior as I walk to and from work in -30C windsqualls (ok, it's only a 20 minute walk, but still...let's see you do it!!!). Much more of that shit to come. Might as well get cozy with a steaming cup of tea (I'm a bit of a dandy when it comes to beverages) and some killer tunes, brah...

A new MERDARAHTA release was unleashed last week! The first one in a really long while. I love being involved in this project for many reasons. The first and foremost that I get to collaborate with a number of other musicians for whom I have nothing but good things to say - TOPON DAS of FUCK THE FACTS being at the top of that heap. Also because when I finally get to hear the finished product, I usually have an almost impossible time picking out my own contributions. Something pretty cool about that. It's available for digital download via BANDCAMP for a measly dollar (but you'll pay more cuz you're not a skint prick). CLICK HERE!

I DIE SMILING is featured amongst an amazing collection of albums in FOREVER CURSED's best-of-2013 year-end list. The coolest thing about this is that, somehow, this blog slipped past my radar and, as a result, they did not receive a pestering email from myself begging them for some press coverage. No idea how my shit managed to come across their desk but I love it. The other cool thing is the list itself is pretty great and doesn't feature all the "usual suspects" which we're all probably sick of reading in the deluge of lists that come out this time of year. Anyways, huge props to those guys! Here's the writeup: CLICK HERE!

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